My creative space #003

Desk003Hope you’re enjoying seeing the little changes, week by week, to my creative space and my thoughts. This time, only one photo to show what’s changed. The rest is the same.

1. From A. Because it’s a nice, smooth stone.

2. This sticky tape is too big. But very useful. So if it’s staying on my desk, it can hold all my post-its, used bus tickets and little bits of paper.

3. Notes from school, forms to fill out, things to remember …

4. Mess. It moves, it changes, it’s always there!

5.  My current book bag. The kids don’t go to the local school, I wanted Montessori. So I spend a lot of time in a café or at the library, waiting for them to finish. Reading, doing homework, thinking. Underneath there’s my pile of pattern-making books. I plan to read each one this year, slowly. And a Vogue Living from Mum (in turn, a gift from Nan).

6. I had to check for my post last night.

7. More library books. I might use some flowers in my tea towel swap. What will happen when libraries go digital? When books go digital? And we no longer visit libraries or book shops? We’ll still have the information, but is it the same? And what of the second-hand booksellers? I’ve found a lot of interesting things second-hand, books I never could/would have bought new. And I’ve become expert at browsing libraries for hidden treasures…

8. More crochet project. I’ll tell you about it once I’ve made more.

I know some of you only visit me on Thursdays, so: Have a great week everyone!

6 thoughts on “My creative space #003

  1. Even when there’s a lot of bits and treasure going on, somehow you’re table space doesn’t look at all scary like mine!

  2. don’t want to think about a life with ebooks and no actual books. what would we do without that smell. beautiful green in your crochet. i haven’t been to your place before. it’s nice. thanks for having me

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