The joy of craft classes

DblCrochetI’ve taken a couple of craft classes recently: decided I’d learn something enjoyable before Uni holidays end and my mind fills up with real study. I did Beginners Crochet and Adult Sewing. Took my kid, M, along to a class for toddlers too, before her school starts. Love her swooshy painting, she had fun. Also in the photo, the double stitch crochet square I’ve finished in spare moments.

It is lovely doing a class: being with other people excited to craft; discussing by pointing, touching and showing; hearing things you never thought to ask (machines can knit, but there are no machines that crochet, it’s always totally by hand). And it’s such a confidence boost to know most of my self-taught ways are actually the “proper” way!

I’ll be back at my desk, in my usual creative space next week. But I must say I’ve enjoyed being out and about.

4 thoughts on “The joy of craft classes

  1. That’s why I enjoy Brown Owls so much. I love sitting with other crafters, seeing all the different crafts there are to do out there. I enjoy the adult conversation too, not just about craft but about life in general.

  2. Ah – there’s nothing like a real live class with real live people! At work, we have a Tuesday lunch craft club just to make sure we can craft with other humans regularly! Crochet is next on my list to learn. Jen x

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