about this bubble blower…

That green lion shape is a 2 streams of bubbles at a time bubble blower (you dip each nozzle into the little blue pot).

Do they have these in Australia but I’ve never noticed? Perhaps I wasn’t looking for kids toys that blow bubbles…

I know they don’t give out fans in Australia (see background). In Tokyo (and Kyoto, actually) in the Summer people give out fans near railway stations, advertising various things. In Spring, it was packets of tissues with advertising. Ah, dear, and the kids love collecting …

an oven mitt idea

I picked up this pamphlet, ’cause I thought it’s such a cool idea … an oven mitt can be person-shaped!!

I don’t really want the mitt shown, I realise it’s free if I buy 3 packets of mayonnaise, but I don’t like mayonnaise and I’m not really into the kewpie-kawaii-cute look, anyway.

But it’s fun to think of what type of person I’d put on my oven mitt … what sort of person is appropriate for cooking … a severe school mistress; a chef; a bear??? Once I work it out, I’ll use burdastyle’s Layla pattern. I don’t like the double thumb thing, my person would have one hand by their side.

Found at ライフ, I refuse to call it Life (correct translation), as Life is not a supermarket with a down-market clothing store and 100 yen shop.

street art #05

Or in this case, beach art.

Congwong, near La Perouse.

A running: it’s Winter here, remember.

There’s always a bit like this near a beach – sand, half-dead grass, charcoaled bbq remains, concrete, rolled up wet legs, sandy shoes.

1. Sea plant #01, 2. Sea plant #02, 3. Sea plant #03, 4. Sea plant #04

Haven’t you seen these plants at every beach you’ve ever visited? I’m sure I have. Actually, these plants might be confined to just Australia, or even just NSW … anyone know?