Urban decay #001

Broken lattice

What? A rotting fence; a man hole cover (ever used? unlikely…); pidgeon poo at the entrance to a park.

Manhole cover

Why? Because I look at these things; my eyes are drawn to them … since I was a child. Because I find them beautiful in their entropy, their brokeness, and the accidental patterns they make. Because if I don’t photograph them now, someone will tear them down, clean them up, take them away…

And becuase they give me a sense of place, this is my Sydney … it takes time for your eyes to pick out these details, you don’t see them as a visitor, in a hurry: so if you’re not from here, I thought you might enjoy …

Bird poo pattern

Where? Back streets of Ultimo, NSW; along City Road, between Newtown and Broadway, N.S.W.

When? I’m thinking an ongoing series … stay tuned

Sure I love eye candy, but I love honesty more

Or, the post otherwise known as: how to move from a 2.5 bedroom house to a one bed apartment with two young kids.

OK, I shouldn’t complain: this apartment might be small by Australian standards, it’s still very much bigger than where we lived in Tokyo!

The space before … looks clean and neat, doesn’t it?

our apartment before

our apartment before

The space after,
all the stuff we didn’t throw out before we left for Japan, you know, the stuff we’ll have to find a spot for somewhere here …

our apartment after

Where we are now: semi-livable, but certainly not making the pages of design*sponge, or decor8

our apartment now

our apartment now

I’ll let you know if we ever have an apartment therapy-worthy ending to this story …