Fresh! New! Sydney street art …

Definitely new this week, wasn’t there when I walked past Sunday: there Monday. Really, really big, hard to miss. No, I’ve know idea what it means, what do you reckon?

Jeepers Creepers Jumbo: detail

And round the corner, more! Different style, so maybe a different artist … or maybe not?

Giant Ant & Corporation

And yes, I did enjoy the social commentary.

Giant Ant: detail

Finally, my favourite: minimal, but cool.

Space Invaders-esque painted bricks

Haymarket, behind the ABC building, enjoy them before some punctilious person tears them down.

Urban decay #001

Broken lattice

What? A rotting fence; a man hole cover (ever used? unlikely…); pidgeon poo at the entrance to a park.

Manhole cover

Why? Because I look at these things; my eyes are drawn to them … since I was a child. Because I find them beautiful in their entropy, their brokeness, and the accidental patterns they make. Because if I don’t photograph them now, someone will tear them down, clean them up, take them away…

And becuase they give me a sense of place, this is my Sydney … it takes time for your eyes to pick out these details, you don’t see them as a visitor, in a hurry: so if you’re not from here, I thought you might enjoy …

Bird poo pattern

Where? Back streets of Ultimo, NSW; along City Road, between Newtown and Broadway, N.S.W.

When? I’m thinking an ongoing series … stay tuned