street art #05

Or in this case, beach art.

Congwong, near La Perouse.

A running: it’s Winter here, remember.

There’s always a bit like this near a beach – sand, half-dead grass, charcoaled bbq remains, concrete, rolled up wet legs, sandy shoes.

1. Sea plant #01, 2. Sea plant #02, 3. Sea plant #03, 4. Sea plant #04

Haven’t you seen these plants at every beach you’ve ever visited? I’m sure I have. Actually, these plants might be confined to just Australia, or even just NSW … anyone know?

2 thoughts on “street art #05

  1. we had a friend who used to work with dune care groups on the south coast and I’m pretty sure these are some of the weeds they wanted to get rid of, they compete with native grasses and block the natural movement of the sand (you would think that stopping the sand from moving would be a good idea but apparently not in all cases)
    The really nasty one is bitou bush – there are pics here if you want to try and identify them with yours

    BTW thanks for joining my new “Made in Sydney” group on flickr, I hope we can find some more people, it’s a little lonely there at the moment VBG

  2. Won’t you join me?

    Won’t you join me here? I started playing with fd’s flickr mosaic tool a few posts ago. Which sparked an idea. I don’t have the biggest ever fabric or pattern stash, but I do sometimes have a hard time remembering…

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