my first sewn garment

So, a role-playing character enters the bar:

“Where you been? Haven’t seen you in ages.”

“Sewing-land” (sighs heavily, hand tremors)

“Bad, was it?”

(nods) “Bad like you wouldn’t believe” (drinks deeply) “Ah, that’s better!” “Yeah, real bad, but I survived!!! I made it through the dark forest of topstiching, the swamps of non-stick interfacing and finally I fought the dreaded zipper-toothed dragon”.

Yes, I’ve really and truly completed my first sewn garment. Burda 7947, view C, I think I should have chosen something easier … not a 3 out of 4 dot effort. Also, I made it needlessly difficult for myself deciding to do mock flat-fell seams. Yes, of course, I see all the imperfections … the interfacing is too stiff (but firmly stuck!). There’s some problem or other across the front at hip level, same issue I often have with RTW clothes. And it’s really too big for me, who knew tape measures were so subjective?

But I’m really glad I’m done – not just relieved, I feel I’ve learnt so much, and now have new confidence to tackle sewing challenges. And let’s face it, any sewing is still a challenge for me … ah, the joys of being self-taught.

Out of interest, I scrolled back to when I first got interested in sewing, it’s about a year of reading, thinking, dreaming …

2 thoughts on “my first sewn garment

  1. Congratulations on the lovely skirt! You must be so very proud. How come it looks so much better than my first sewn garment? That ain’t right! =:>) And yes, tape measures lie like dogs.

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