an oven mitt idea

I picked up this pamphlet, ’cause I thought it’s such a cool idea … an oven mitt can be person-shaped!!

I don’t really want the mitt shown, I realise it’s free if I buy 3 packets of mayonnaise, but I don’t like mayonnaise and I’m not really into the kewpie-kawaii-cute look, anyway.

But it’s fun to think of what type of person I’d put on my oven mitt … what sort of person is appropriate for cooking … a severe school mistress; a chef; a bear??? Once I work it out, I’ll use burdastyle’s Layla pattern. I don’t like the double thumb thing, my person would have one hand by their side.

Found at ライフ, I refuse to call it Life (correct translation), as Life is not a supermarket with a down-market clothing store and 100 yen shop.