design + mulberries

Yes, there’s been a recent site redesign. Sorry if you popped in earlier, mid changes … but as this blog’s not exactly a mission critical service, I make my changes incrementally and check them out on the (live) blog. I do back up.

And yes, I’ve finally succumbed to the minimalist white craft blog look (do a little survey of major craft bloggers – most use white or another assertively neutral background). Interestingly, L doesn’t like the white look, he prefers brooklyntweed’s greens … is it a guy thing? I say “succumbed” because in real life, I’m much more maximalist … but I do appreciate that websites need different colour schemes compared to, say homes … or clothes … or toys. At least a minimal surround can show of brightly coloured photos…

I really like mulberries. I know they grow like weeds here, I know they’re really messy (particularly the black sort, the white is better). But I like their taste. We had a spell of dry weather as the fruits were forming, I was reluctant to water due to the restrictions, so the first ones were rather bitter. I froze them and hopefully with a bit of apple and sugar, they’ll make a nice pie. I watered, now the newly ripened ones in the photo taste great 😉

There’s a little neighbourhood wattle in the photo and an Uzbek bag, too.