quick note for Sydney amigurumi fans

I visited Kinokuniya Sydney today (for Japanese language study purposes ONLY … not). I noticed they currently have 3 – 4 rather nice amigurumi books in stock. The books are around the $30 AUD mark, a couple of copies of some. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of the books online, nonetheless, they are good looking and have clear photo instructions.

So, did I buy some amigurumi books? Umm, no. Why not, I hear you ask? Well, several reasons. There’s a definite upper limit to the amount of cuteness I can handle. Sure, I like cute stuff, but there’s a point at which the head is just too big, too distorted. I think my limit is rather lower than other people who are interested in “crafting Japanese”. (By the way, there’s an interesting post on that phenomenon here). Also I’m rather enjoying figuring it out for myself, and thinking about exactly how I want MY amigurumi to look. And I’m being a bit careful with money.

What I did buy was a magazine, “country craft” 2006 Spring edition. I noticed a lot of (French??) country style inspired magazines actually. Wonder why?

3 thoughts on “quick note for Sydney amigurumi fans

  1. i know exactly what you mean. i only recently started making bears with very japanese-styled faces. i did the first one for a swap, because i knew my partner would love it.

    but i did feel a bit weird about it. i prefer the look of ealy 20th century stuffed animals, and the look of steiff toys. they are alot more realistically based!

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