Mr Fellowes

This is Mr. Fellowes. (I don’t believe anyone calls him Odd Fellowes to his face). He’s travelling in the train, like he does every morning, reading his newspaper … he only agreed to put his hat on because of the photo ;D

What is he? A piece of pure whimsy. And using what I have. Why isn’t he one of your 33 projects? Well … actually … he’s a sewing experiment, and I didn’t want to experiment on anything “serious”. I learnt a bit about stuffing, and that I’d like to sew more with knit fabrics.

And yes, the experiment was successful, thank you for asking. I’ve recently had this radical idea that pinning the pattern to the fabric would be better than trying to follow wobbly fabric marker lines. And yes, it was. Shhhh, stop sniggering at beginner sewers!! ;D