It’s Spring and so

I want to trash my blog. Summerset from Pins and Needles was recently thinking about what she’s learnt about herself through blogging. Well, I’ve learnt about annual events. Like the “rabbit gets sick first week back at Uni after the long Summer Holidays” event (says something about family stress levels, I reckon). And the “whole family gets sick at the end of the Winter Holidays making it difficult to complete Uni assignments” event. Guess why I haven’t blogged much for a couple of weeks?

I also realised that every Spring, I want to trash my blog and start again. Sorta like Spring cleaning, only more brutal. It’s one of the reasons for the interesting gaps in my blog archives – no, I haven’t been deleting posts … yet;)

As you can see from the funny little figlets on the fig tree, it’s Spring again … so this year, I’ve decided to make some changes. Some you’ve already seen (more drawings), some I haven’t started yet (a photo day; a regular knitted swatch and more regular updates). Above all, I’m going to remember what Tricia from bits and bobbins says about wardrobe remix: “be nice to yourself! no negative stuff […] post ONLY what you LOVE.” Although I think this still allows for the odd critique or two?