Trolls, elves of course.

Chapters 2 & 3, The Hobbit

The chapters are much shorter than I recall. And less exciting?

The trolls and the elves get almost no physical descriptions, readers know what they look like “of course.” All we’re told is what they say and more specifically, how they say it.

The trolls use obviously accented, lower class language and wipe their mouths on their sleeves. A quick google indicates it’s Cockney (I’m not from the UK, I can’t always tell). The elves sing, ugh. But the elves are scholarly and use proper, even posh English.

“Just look! Bilbo the hobbit on a pony, my dear! Isn’t it delicious!”

Elves actually, not trolls. Both want to eat him up, but in different ways…

It’s the drawing above that at least gives some indication of what the trolls look like, with an appropriately Scandi feel, although the line work is *very* busy. I like the swirl of the fire but the dottedness of the trees, trolls and ground is a little overwhelming. But props to Tolkien, illustrating his own book.

Useful things I learnt: trolls turn to stone in sunlight. In my mind, that makes them sort of like vampires? Should someone write Troll: The Masquerade? Has someone done this already? How many other fairytale creatures are affected by sun/daylight? It’s these types of details that every nerd should know! (jk)

More commentary, as I read.

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