ok, so I umm “borrowed” this idea off my sister-in-law … but I reckon it’s a good idea. Buy a needle size gauge, mark on it which size needles you’ve already got and keep it in your bag. That way, you won’t accidentally double up on needles when you go to the LYS.

I’ve also made a list of the knitting projects I’m interested in, and the type of yarn they need … I’m almost always looking to substitute yarns. Lots of patterns I like are printed elsewhere, and yarns that are a reasonably priced elsewhere can become very expensive when imported to Australia. Although I’m also partial to Jo Sharp patterns!

Mood: *People who know me will understand the question mark. I’m only ever as organised as I need to be 😉

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  1. What a great idea: I do the wool list, the fabric list etc, but I had never thought of writing on my needle sizer with permanent marker. I shall do it this afternoon!!

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