corner #04

The only plant in the garden that doesn’t produce food, and never will. I’ve moved about every 2-3 years for the last 10 years or so. Housemates, who I won’t describe. Landlords who move back in, sell the house or tear it down. So my garden has become highly condensed, potted, ready to move at a moment’s notice. Over ambitious, none the less … but I DO like to eat plums (one day); mulberries, mandarins and raspberries (already).

The clivias, I almost left them behind at the last house, but L’s Mum convinced me otherwise. They’d not flowered for 2 years at that stage, but wow, look at them now!!! And they’re shaded by a brick wall on 2 sides, a tree above. And they live on rain water. And their soil is poor … gotta admire their flowers then;)

baby carrots? these are real little ones …

I reckon I should always triple the length of time seed packets say: “Sweet and tender baby carrot, harvest at 10cm long. 55-60 days.” I got curious at 100 days & pulled out some of the bigger ones … 2cms!

Not that I’m blaming the seed company, it’s more likely my growing techniques that are at fault. And I guess that’s exactly the type of thing I’m trying to learn, so that one day I’ll be confident & experienced in growing my own vegetables.

I gave the tops to Lilika, the house rabbit, and then I ate the rest … yep, tasted like carrots, just a bit small ; )

corner #03

The things on my desk, from left to right: A red apple-shaped ceramic container, from a grocery store in Cabramatta, bought maybe a year ago. There were lots of colours at the store, but red’s my favourite. The design is plum blossom and bamboo. Blue/green ceramic jar, from Glebe markets, around 1997. I have a matching teapot, and the guy selling the teapot said if I left the jar a week, it’d be sold. I came back next week, and it was still there! Pretty green tea tin, from a Marrickville Asian grocer’s. Black ink, from Chinatown. Hand-painted pot, from a pavement / moving house sale in Redfern. I think they’re all beautiful, and all under AU$10 when I bought them ;D.

Mood: First assignments done, maybe I can do some craft this weekend … before I start on the next lot of assignments

corner #02

Otherwise known as … the living room wall, viewed from the sofa. Blu-tacked up, during those first 2 intense months of having a newborn to care for, when I worried about how much visual stimulation kid was getting, but didn’t have the energy to move far from the sofa. If you’d like to reproduce this look, simply buy a set or so of origami paper and arrange (as Vogue Living would say). ;D

corner #01

I’ve been wanting to participate for a while …

And I’ll need to break up this little gathering soon, as I don’t want little A pulling herself up on these shelves. It’s theme is items from childhood. My Sasha dolls, Sasha and Amy. Husb’s dragon from Bali, and his Veritech fighter (pilot Roy Focker). The red cat shoes were a gift from my cousin to kid. Note the little rabbit in Amy’s arms, I never knew I’d have house rabbits when I was older.