A five year gap: what happened?

So what happened in the 5 years since I last posted?

A lot.

Nothing much.

The kids grew, I still made things, I finished my IT degree, also a Diploma in Textile Design. I became way more interested in quilting than this blog would indicate. I’ve been working in textile design & design sales.

Any rate, I’m starting this blog up again.

I’ve always struggled with the purpose of this place – I’m generally a private person so posting things on the internet for no real reason always seemed strange. But I think I’ve found my purpose, so expect more posts. Soon.

Happy New Year*, Happy New Blog*

Happy 2009, may it be your best year yet!

* actually, New Year’s is my least favourite holiday.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against fireworks, traditions  or community celebrations.  I like all of them.  But it’s the underlying threat of drunken violence on a Sydney New Years Eve that gets to me.  And the Summer heat.  Apparently most people behaved themselves this year, good.

So how did I spend New Year’s?  Like always, in a long queue of people, straining to catch a glimpse of some distant event.  But this time, I was at Asakusa.  My sorta/ kinda/ gaijin-style hatsumode, the first temple/shrine visit of the year.

Outside Senso-ji NYE

And, yes, like many people in my neighbourhood, I have two pine trees outside my door, with paper decorations.  Even work vehicles are decorated.  And police stations, convenience stores, tyre shops.  New Year’s is big in Japan.  I rather like it, especially the patient but quietly hopeful feeling of the crowd last night.

Outside my door, NYE

Sure, like everyone, I’ve been thinking about my year … last one, next one.  I’m not really into resolutions, more continuous improvement (!) And I agree with Pip, I’m rather against the whole publicising your wishlist, then beating yourself up (publicly) for not achieving the measurably perfect life, all in one year. That said, I’d like to be a bit more organised this year … see if planning and preparing in advance doesn’t save time in the long run.  And make sure I put my time into whats important to me, to my family.  Be smarter about time, generally.  I’ll see how I go ; )

* not really a new blog for a new year. But a new direction, focus and lotsa new content planned … stay tuned.  I’ll  be filling out the archives a bit throughout the day … 4am bedtime (trains) permitting 😉