In which I solve a quilting problem, without making a quilt

You see, I’ve been planning to learn quilting for some time.  Properly, following traditional patterns. With exact measurements.  And seams lining up precisely and neat corners.  At least to begin with.

It’s a skill I think I should have. And something I can really imagine enjoying, once I get good: playing with colour and pattern, within geometries and repetition.

But after all this time thinking, I still haven’t started yet.  Something’s slowing me down.  A worry.  I’ve finally worked out what it is: the product of quilitng … is a quilt.  I don’t have room for a quilt!!  Well, maybe one.  Two at the most.  Possibly three, but what if I really enjoy quilting and want to make more?  There must be more than 3 techniques I’d like to try.

We live in a really small apartment, with four people.  I have trouble enough storing the Winter doonas and blankets.  And everything else.  I don’t really want to add to our storage problems.  I could throw a quilt or two over the sofa (to be dragged on the floor by the kids?), perhaps give one or two as presents (gift the storage problem to someone else?).  I could put a quilt on the wall, but I don’t fancy drilling into these walls than I have to.  And then I’m stuck.  I do like to justify to myself that most of my crafting is useful.  Knitting produces gloves, scarves, hats, jumpers… sewing produces dresses, skirts.  But quilting?  Just produces more storage problems.

And then it hit me: cushion covers!  Lots of finicky little mini quilts.  Different fronts and backs.  We’ve at least four chairs.  And we’ll need a change of covers – eight.  And at this age, with the rate kids spill stuff – twenty!  Or more!  Plenty of opportunities to explore pattern & technique!

So here is my inspiration, courtesy the library:
– an encyclopedia of techniques;
– a modern quilt reference (I’m always drawn to modern looking quilts);
– the quilt book recommended by the librarian;
– an apartment therapy, for storage hints!

Our apartment is rated “small”.  Pity the other examples of small apartments don’t seem to include children.  And their toys.

And welcome everyone visiting through Kirsty’s creative spaces.

5 thoughts on “In which I solve a quilting problem, without making a quilt

  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Mini quilt cushion covers! Great idea! I know what you mean about storage! I’ve decided that if I just make things out of fabric or other things I already have in the house, then surely they’ll still fit…???

    Happy quilting!

  2. I used to live in a small townhouse and my sewing space was a little tiny table against the dining room wall. It’s how I got into making small quilts! There was really no room to do anything else, especially when I had to pack it away at the end of each sewing session.

    Definitely try a small quilt first! Even a four block sampler that becomes a doll’s quilt!

  3. Great idea, mind you I think my quilt collection would give you pause, they do seem to grow like topsy once you start. The kids are always dragging one or two around, who needs a dressing gown when you can wrap yourself in a quilt.

  4. Oh I agree.

    I actually have no intention of quilting, but I want the skills and cushions are something I’ve thought of too.

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