a selection of fishy fabrics

So, after you’ve just finished a big assignment, what’d you do? You’d go out and buy fabric, wouldn’t you? To make whatever you’ve been dreaming of all the while 😉

These are the ‘fat quarters’ that’s right, isn’t? 50 x 35cm, anyway, I chose from Okadaya. (And I really must write a review of the shop for you soon). The red fabrics and one black are for the fish, the rest are the water. Chosen while M was mostly asleep, and so was A (in the backpack), except they woke up towards the end, and because the quilting section has little (i.e. child-sized) baskets, they ran round pulling down fat quarters to stack in their baskets … I think the assistants were amused, rather than angry, which was lucky …

It was interesting choosing, I had a tiny time to think about what I was doing, before I got interrupted 😉 I started with the blues, the hardest. I picked up lots of fabrics, tried to put them back neatly. After awhile, I decided they had to say “water” to me, or they were out … and my view of water (at least in this quilt) was all squiggly lines modern, maybe some spots. I then tried to match the blues together – tricky, and I’ll bet some of them give me trouble later on … I even had to resort to greys and mostly-whites. The reds were easy, I love red best, perhaps that’s why, no picking up and putting back, 5 fast choices, done.

plans for my first quilt

So, yes, I’ve kinda got really interested in the idea of a hand sewn quilt, made with fabrics from Okadaya. I thought I’d make it for my youngest, M, because she rarely gets new stuff, or stuff “first”. Also, it could legitimately be smallish … which would test out whether I have the stamina for hand piecing a big one 😉

Little M loves fish at the moment, so it will be a fairly simple fishy quilt, with lots of different fabrics to create water movement. I’m trying to plan the shapes out, above. I bought the Clover metal templates from Okadaya … I think they don’t quite fit what I want to do (I need an isosceles triangle as well as equilateral ones, maybe a parallelogram?) but I’m glad I’ve got them anyway, I’m sure to use them later.

Sorry ’bout the grey day photography … you can make the photo a bit bigger by clicking on it, if that helps;)